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Search Projects

Symbols Icons

Projects are color-coded by lead organization. Clicking each dot brings up a pop-up box of project information and a link to the project overview. Sites with multiple projects show the number of projects and a star beneath the dot; clicking on that brings up dots for each project at that site. Sites with more than 9 projects show a plus symbol (+).

The menu bar across the top provides the following options:
  • a. Show/Hide –
  • (1) Table of projects displayed on the map with links to project overviews.
  • (2) Filter and search projects by program, subprogram areas, technology types, project status, service, and location.
  • (3) Legend for project locations color coded by the lead organization for a project.
  • b. Map – select a variety of base maps (e.g., Google road map, satellite, hybrid, etc.)
  • c. Export – export the map image to a PNG file or a list of projects to an Excel file.
  • d. Link – generate a hyperlink to this map that saves the view, filter, and search options.